Team Building - Retention at Work


This template is a team-building activity around the topic of retention at work. Similar to a "stay-interview" it can help surface ideas to strengthen an organization's retention efforts. Best of all, this is a fun team building activity to get everyone thinking in new ways.

When to use the Retention at Work activity?

This activity should be done proactively, before you have team members leaving. It can be done with new teams or if you want to open up a discussion with an established team to think in a new direction. Any team will benefit from this, from finance to HR to marketing and engineering.

It focuses on:

  • Top values each individual has in retention

  • Creating a vision of what self-state, relationships, and agreements look like when employees want to stay at an organization

  • Creating programs to support the employee and uphold Agile principles or values established by your organization

How does the Retention at Work activity work?

This can be a 30 minute activity for a fast pace, or 60 minutes for a more thoughtful discussion. The goal is to understand one another as a team and create ideas that can be taken to senior leadership in order to better retain employees. You will go through the following sections:

  1. Introduction: What is the top thing that keeps an employee at a company?

  2. Vision Brainstorming: Timed brainstorming on coming up with as many visions of what retention looks like in these categories: self-state, relationships, and agreements.

  3. Discovery Discussion: Picking the top ideas.

  4. Program Mindmap: Developing a program that will support the vision, from the components to how it will be measured.

  5. Agile Principles: Unify intentions by folding in Agile principles OR customizing with your organization's value points.

  6. Reflection: Discussing what you learned or what you would like to take action on.


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