Team Board


Let me introduce you to a Team board that will help You with your teamwork for almost 6 months. This board consists of:

  1. Board - 'who we are', presenting the team members, which helps to know each other better.

  2. Team's contract, a board for developing common rules of cooperation.

  3. Definition of Done, a board for developing common standards for work that can be named 'done.'

  4. Legend with how a team will celebrate milestones.

  5. Retrospective meetings. I give you twelve boards, ready to use for retrospection meetings. To make things easier, I have prepared blank boards so that you can make the board yourself according to your wishes.

  6. For Your insight, after every 4 Sprints, you could check the progress of your team capabilities. It is up to you how you will check it. The first one is for exemplary purposes.

I hope You will enjoy it! :)


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'professional meetings don't have to be boring'- in search of interesting tools to strengthen the creativity of teams in carrying out their tasks and building bonds between team members. If you like my work connect with me on Linkedin.
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