Super Mario Retrospective


Entertain the video game fans in your team, with a different way of generating ideas in a retrospective

This retrospective takes us back in time with the version of Super Mario 64 that we all love on Nintendo.

Going through the 4 stages:

  1. Mario represents the good of the sprint, those things in which we shine

  2. Bowser represents the enemies we face, situations that did not go well

  3. Mario throwing bowser in the distance represents our way of fighting those enemies through action items proposed by the team

  4. Finally, the group represented by Luigi, Peach, Yoshi and Mario, represents the thanks to the team, since without them we could not have achieved a successful sprint.


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Haydee Lucy Mayora
Scrum Master People First@AudienceView
Scrum Master/Agile Coach with over 10 years of experience working with teams and helping them to create and safe enviroment to talk about their ideas. Gamer, techgirl, therapist, writer
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