Strategy on a Page


Summarizing your strategy on a single page is an effective way to communicate your objectives, programs, and metrics. This tool can be used with stakeholders across your business to share your priorities and show how the full strategy is connected.

The templates in this board are intended to help put your strategy into action. Choose one view that best fits your need, or fill out each and use them based on the communication and context.

The steps include:

1. Define your objectives. Thy should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

2. Identify strategies that will support your objectives in the "Strategies" section. Each strategy should align with the business' main objectives.

3. Outline the programs and initiatives that will be implemented to execute each strategy in the "Programs" section.

4. Specify the metrics that will be used to measure the success of your objectives and strategies in the "Metrics" section.

5. Include any additional documentation or supporting visuals in the designated sections to provide more context and clarity.


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Olga Kazakova
Head of GTM Product Marketing@Miro
Marketing leader with 15+ years of experience across brand and communications, product marketing, and performance marketing. Passionate about developing memorable marketing moments and leading high-performing teams. My goal is to work with outstanding teams of people who drive each other through innovative thinking and a relentless focus on the user experience.
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