This is a template with the most important aspects to map and understand a product or service at it's current state.

It was built to help agile leaders, managers or facilitators to start a successfull Kanban implementantion. It is the kickstart to evolve your process and service delivery though an evolutionary change approach.

Use it when you're starting a new change initiative or you're being introduced to a new team, product or service for the first time or whenever you think that all those aspects from a STATIK process should be revisited.

Don't worry about having all fields full of information, just make sure you have mapped all the crucial aspects of your service and that you got a big picture of your process that shows you how things works. That's the first step to start an evolutionary change initiative.


Lucas Guimaraes image
Lucas Guimaraes
Agile Coach@banQi
I've been working at the IT sector for over a decade. I have a bachelor degree on business administration and a post degree on software engineering. Today I help organizations to improve their results through an evolutionary approach. I trully believe that revolution is not always the best path to organizational disruption, we can do it better through purpose and evolution.
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