Social Media Planner


How does The Social Media Planner work?

If you create social media content for your personal brand or for your startup probably you need to plan this content on a monthly basis.

  • You can start listing the topics and which social network will fit properly for the content. This will help you to have some clarity on what to post and where to post it.

  • Then you can use this template to organize your fee. You can use Instagram and LinkedIn sections to have a previous look at your future posts. You could use sticky notes or images and stickers.

  • Don’t forget to use tags to identify which kind of content will be (reels, carousel, simple posts, stories, etc…).

The last frame of this template is an adjustable calendar where you can add the social networks that you want it to plan (columns) and all the posts that you’re going to post every week of the month (rows). You could open a card and add a future copy of your post.


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