Service Blueprint Template


What is a Service Blueprint?

A Service Blueprint is a canvas showing a visual progression of your service. The canvas contains the different phases of the customer journey. Each phase shows the processes that take place on the customer and organizational end and how they relate to each other.

When do you need a Service Blueprint?

Building a Service Blueprint is an ideal tool to discover new opportunities and improvements for your services. In addition to improving existing processes, the tool is also well suited to map out completely new services or propositions

How do you create a Service Blueprint?

Creating a Service Blueprint is a process that involves a lot of brainstorming, collecting information, collaborating and iterating. It is not a one-man job. Each part of the canvas requires its own type of information and involvement of stakeholders. Do not try to put your entire service from A to Z in one canvas. We advise to work from a certain customer goal or a specific process. Below is a brief explanation of the common parts in a Service Blueprint.


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