Rocket-Space Retrospective


Retrospective can be fun! šŸ„³

A very much inspired by Johanna Torstensson's Sailboat Retrospective.

Frame 1

Insight Check - brainstorm on the previous action items and agreement & brainstorm on the insight from the reporting tools.

Frame 2

O2 Check - brainstorm on what might be contributing towards the feeling, no judgment, be open and create a safe space.

Frame 3

Rocket-Space Retrospective.

Frame 4

Action Items and Agreement - vote on the most valuable topic and brainstorm on what's next.

Frame 5

Fun return of time invested - it is important to keep your retrospective valuable and engaging and invite the team member to give feedback on things that could have been done differently to promote the scoring.

Wish your team a great retrospective!

Whoop whoop! šŸš€

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