Retro Academy Awards


Retro Academy Award

About the Retrospective

This is a 60 minutes retrospective inspired by Oscar Academy Award. The goal of this retrospective is to help team members look back at a Sprint and assess how it went.

Melter: Introduce the team into an activity where each one places the poster of their favorite movie, and with this open the conversation of the session breaking the ice. (2-3 min - Individually).

Recognition: Each of the members vote for the person of the "Sprint. 

Facilitator: Has to place the photo of each team member or ask them to bring them to the session. (2-3 min - Individually).

Generate Insights: The activity consists of identifying and reflect on the user stories from the previous Sprint, such as the Best User Story, Most Annoying, etc. The objective is to generate a conversation on what constitutes an effective user story from the team’s perspective. Ask the team to identify the third category (Best Action/Idea, Best (code) design, Best Teamwork, Best (test) Scenario, etc). This will generate creative and fun conversations. Ask the team to nominee the user stories for each category and vote on the three ones. (20-25 min - All Team).

Facilitator: Place all the user stories before start the session.

Feedback: Each member of the team chooses a golden statuette and places it according to their rating of how the session seemed to them on a scale of 1-5. (1-2 min individually).


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Samuel Ortega
Agile Coach | Scrum Master @NTT DATA Europe & Latam
Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Agilist, with more than 8 years of experience in projects and products of technology, operations and information systems. More than 4 years of experience in leadership of development squads in agile frameworks with PSM I and ATF certifications.
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