Product Discovery Kick Off Workshop


Product Discovery is core part of building great products, but few know how to properly kick off product discovery and maximize its impact.

This workshop template is designed to do just that!

A proven approach to kicking off discovery for new opportunities. To date, I've coached 100s Product Managers on this approach and embedded this workshop at dozens of companies through my coaching and consulting.

The workshop is deliberately designed to be collaborative - so include your stakeholders and do the workshop together!

Proposed Agenda:

~5 minutes | Welcome

~15 minutes | Summary of the Opportunity

~20 minutes | Reframe the Problem (if necessary)

~20 minutes | Stakeholder Mapping

~30 minutes | Assumptions Mapping

~15 minutes | Discovery Plan

~10 minutes | Agreed on a Time-box

~5 minutes | Next Steps & Close

Total: 2 hours

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Ant Murphy
Product Coach & Founder@Product Pathways
With over a decade in product-tech, Ant has worked across small startups to large enterprises and firmly believes the secret to great products is building great product people! Ant's mission is to help others build meaningful products that have a positive impact in the world. He has coached Founders, Product Managers and Leaders across the globe. Ant share's his knowledge freely through his Youtube channel, content on Product Pathways and regular Newsletter ('The PBL Newsletter').
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