Product Designer Scorecard


This score card is a lightweight, low-risk way to self-reflect on how we’re showing up for our balanced team.

Craft isn’t something we either know or don’t know – craft is a lifelong process. It’s a combination of skills, experiences, and wisdom that grows day over day, year over year — and remember, we’re all on this journey together. Very few of us walk in the door with all of these skills.At Tanzu Labs, we teach each other our craft, and improve our craft based not only on our experiences, but the experiences of others. We lean on each other for guidance and wisdom when we’re unsure if a design pattern, architecture, metric, or UX flow is appropriate. Ultimately, this is a tool to support you in your own journey in your role. Feel free to use this for your own self-reflection or as a guide for your own career progression. Learn more about how we approach the craft of product design in our VMware Tanzu Labs Design Guide.


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VMware Tanzu Labs provides consulting services to develop and modernize applications and platforms. Founded in 1989 as Pivotal Labs, Tanzu Labs works side-by-side with your team remotely or in person to transfer knowledge and skills needed to develop exceptional software and deliver lasting business value. Let us help you build awesome software! Learn more about Tanzu Labs and our Spring Consulting Practice for upgrading and migrating Spring apps at the links below.
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