Wheel of Life


The Wheel of Life is a key tool used in coaching, to help clients identify areas of their life that they are happy with, and where they could do with more attention and support.

You start by scoring different areas of your life, which uses the rational, logical part of your brain. You then answer a series of reflective questions to help you identify how you can improve your score in selected areas.

The key to success with the Wheel of Life is committing to taking action quickly once you have completed it. Procrastination is a goal-killer!

Tip - use the Wheel of Life every 3-6 months to see which areas of your life need more focus.


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Caroline Clark
Founder & Chief Coach@Caroline Clark Coaching
I've invested 10+ years working in Product building market-leading platform products for B2B and B2B2C. Now I coach women in tech on how to build great products, manage their energy and mindset, and become an inclusive leader. I create coaching templates in Miro to increase access to coaching.

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