Problem Extraction Template


The structured model is divided into five input areas, which should be completed in the following order and will be used in the problem statement:

  • User: Identifies the user profile targeted by the solution.

  • Need: Defines what the user is trying to achieve or resolve.

  • Current Solution: Describes how the user currently meets this need, regardless of whether it’s through your product version or competitors.

  • Gaps: Highlights the deficiencies perceived by the user in the current solution.

  • Future Vision: Specifies what the user expects or desires to achieve in this need. For example, avoiding rework and human errors in manual information entry during registration.

  • Motivators: Explains the factors driving the user toward the desired state.

The problem statement condenses the information from these areas into a structured sentence, making it easier to visualize the user’s problem in a clear and concise manner.


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Jana Cernausan
Product Designer@TOVTS
Meu objetivo é provocar reflexões nas pessoas, questionar suas opiniões e surpreender com soluções sólidas e seguras. Acredito que métodos de visualização sejam fundamentais para pensar melhor e resolver problemas. 🌟🚀 My goal is to provoke reflections in people, question their opinions, and surprise with solid and secure solutions. I believe that visualization methods are fundamental for better thinking and problem-solving. 🌟🚀
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