PI Planning - Team Breakout


In a big room planning teams gather to understand the challenges ahead. In response they go into team breakouts to craft their plan on how to solve these challenges.

This template is one of our proven templates to give structure to these breakouts and allow for transparency and clarity when communicating the team's plan to the stakeholders.

How-to use this template

Prior to the PI Planning

  • Update the template with your train specific content, e.g. Agena, Guidance, SOS Time

  • Duplicate the template per team and assign the team's name

  • Give some time ahead to personalize, own and maybe even prepare the team's breakout area

Hint: Duplicating and adjusting may also be owned by the individual Team Coach.

During the PI Planning

  • Teams use the template to make their plan as well as risks and impediments transparent

  • Plans become more and more fine-grained over the course of the planning.

After the PI Planning

  • Teams oftentimes use the template during Sprint Plannings, Reviews and Retros to reflect back on the PI Objectives and plan, make adjustments and / or recalibrate


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