Pay Raise Planner


Pay Raise Planner: How to Ask for (and Get) That Raise!

This is the quintessential checklist to use BEFORE you ask your boss for a raise.

Navigate your way to a more rewarding compensation package with the Pay Raise Planner, created by hiring managers who have hired over 1,000 people.

This comprehensive and strategic template empowers you to identify and articulate your value, align your expectations with industry standards, and structure your negotiation points effectively.

Completing this planner will give you strong and effective selling points of WHY you deserve a raise. Walk into your compensation negotiation meeting with confidence and be ready to advocate for your worth.

Brought to you by The Assist, a community of 50,000+ women helping each other level up their careers and lives.


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Joanna Ericta
Co-Founder@The Assist
Co-founder of the free productivity newsletter, The Assist ( We create templates for our audience on a regular basis to help them enjoy work more.
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