PAC-GANNT - Stakeholder Engagement


Stakeholder Engagement (SE) is a systemic and cyclic dialogue process that facilitates the involvement of key figures within and/or outside an organisation to update and/or reinforce its organisational policy decisions or future development strategies.

In this template, the timeline is set from 7 interconnected phases that I consider to be the bare minimum. Each phase may include several workshops/engagement activities. Fill the actions (yellow post-it) that each actor in the process must complete in the given timeframe.

Suggestions: take into account the time rhythm of the SE process, avoid too long pauses and a process that is too time-consuming. The number of actors in the SE process can change after the stakeholder map. Define facilitation methods and tools for each phase.

Specific training in facilitation techniques and tools and/or engage a consultant/facilitator is important


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Facilitation and training
FORM_ATTIVA is a project which focuses on the theme of non-violent communication and teamwork through some of the most innovative techniques.
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