OKR Planning Street


The 'OKR Planning Street', is a good, tried and tested, workshop for planning your next OKR cycle. If you are leading a team, an Agile Coach, or an HR Business Partner, I encourage you to try it a few times and then adapt it based on the needs of your business environment.

The OKR Planning Street consists of 5 stages. From the pre-workshop prep work to the post-workshop follow-up and documentation, it's all here:

  • Housekeeping - laying down the foundations

  • Objectives - the aspirational goals

  • Key-Results - the tactical heart of OKRs

  • Focal points - operationalizing the execution

  • Wrap up - communication and documentation

The workshop itself takes about 60-90 minutes to complete and the whole process requires about 1-2 weeks to complete asynchronously to ensure a high-quality result.

Use it, adapt, get inspired, succeed, have fun.


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