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NightSky Planning (Handdrawn)

What Is it?

This handdrawn canvas using the metaphor the night sky can be used to help teams get focused and clarity on moving forward.

This canvas is an engaging and fun way to get a team reflecting on their vision and gaining alignment on where to focus next.

When to Use the Canvas?

As a leader or facilitator there are key moments in a team's journey when a step back, reflection and regrouping are required. Use this canvas at these touch points. This may be scheduled periodically to support moving from forming, storming, norming and performing (Bruce Tuckman's team development model).

This canvas can use useful as part of strategy check-ins sessions, helping teams to ensure that they are progressing their strategy initiatives.

Why Use It?

Because handdrawn elements bring a whimsical and fun energy into work, and who couldn't use more of that on a day to day basis?! Plus no one ever complained of too much alignment or shared understanding in a team.

How to Use It?

The prompt questions in this template support alignment and clarity of direction.

These prompt questions are suggestions, feel free to change these prompts to support the conversation you want to have with your team.

Start by focusing on what has already been accomplished, next focus on which initiatives are currently in focus. Agree what is currently out of scope and then work through the first steps or next steps to begin progressing what is in focus. Also think about who is your coach to draw on at this time.

This template could also be used during change programs and/or in team or personal coaching conversations.

Have fun and let the lighthearted spirit of the canvas ignite inspiration and creativity!


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