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Inspire your team to find their 'why'

Imagine a famous newspaper was to write an article about the impact of your teams' work in 5 years' time. What would it say?

When was the last time your team stepped back and reflected on why you're doing what you're doing? This workshop is a great way to bring your team up to that 10.000 feet view. Every team member gets to be a journalist and write their own version of this big story.


This workshop helps envision the best possible future for your team/project/product. It uncovers different possibilities and helps to find your teams' why – in a fun way.

Who can run it, and when?

The only qualification so to say is that your team needs to work towards something. A digital product, an event, a new branch opening, anything. You can run this workshop on different occasions. Before a new idea even gets funding, at a project kickoff as well as a few months into a project.

How to run the workshop

The concept is simple. Everyone writes a newsletter article about the project/product – pretending it's 5 years from now.


⇢ 5 min: explain how it works

⇢ 10 min: silent writing

⇢ 15 min: everyone reads their story

During the workshop

Every person writes their name on top. Then onto the actual article. It can be easier to write the article first, and the headline last. Adding quotes, images or emojis aren't a must but you can mention them for inspiration.


This workshop isn't new. I haven't yet seen it put together on a visually appealing Miro board, so I designed this template. If you're interested in this workshop method, read about how others run it. My favourite versions are from gamestorming and pipdecks.


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Antonia Horvath
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A delivery lead & design manager, facilitator and problem-solver who enables organisations to innovate through digital products with amazing user experiences - in a lean & agile way.
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