Meeting Action Plan Facilitation


After hosting a brainstorming meeting, workshop, or working session, we are often left hanging with the question, "what's next?" This template will recenter your team and get them focused on the work to be done.

When to use this activity

Hold 15 minutes at the end of your meeting/workshop to debrief using this template, or create a short huddle within a week of your brainstorming session. Alternatively, you can have all team members enter their answers independently and proceed with creating tasks/project management from these results. There are only 5 questions but they can apply to wide use cases, ranging from classes to brainstorming meetings, and even simple problem solving discussions when you find yourself stuck on what the next steps are.

How does it work?

There are 5 questions that participants will use the sticky notes to answer. This can easily be expanded to fit more sticky notes for larger groups. 3 main ways to facilitate:

  1. Timed responses: Give everyone 5-10 minutes using the Miro timer to complete the exercise.

  2. Facilitated discussion: Go question by question, encouraging written responses but having individuals elaborate.

  3. Independent input: Do it on their own time, without a meeting.

Whichever way people complete the exercise, take a moment to step back and look at the trends in the answers. Move sticky notes that are related next to one another.

Next, create clear action items in your task manager of choice. Ensure you have the objective, someone specific to complete the task, and a target date to complete it by.

Explore, be curious, and have fun!


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