Mediation (Creative Debate Room)



Mediation [1] between competing interest groups (parties) can be conducted using different methods. The illustration "Creative Debate Room" symbolises one possible method for structuring mediation workshops.


The illustration "Creative Debate Room" combines the creative method "Disney-Method" [2], the "Overton-Window" [3] and the "Johari-Window" [4] in one representation. The "Escalation Stages according to Glasl" [5] complete the illustration. The "Wason Selection Task" [6] shows how the expectation of a set position can blend out other positions.


The aim of the illustration "Creative Debate Room" is to show that the dialogue between pro and contra positions can also be understood as a trialogue between dreamer, realist and critic positions. If at least one party exalts itself above the other parties, the "Creative Debate Room" is disturbed [5]. After the end of the workshops, positions of one party may prevail.


The number of participants in each workshop should preferably be between 2 and 24 persons and represent a balance between dreamer, realist and critic positions.

In the workshops, an independent mediator should guide the parties through the mediation, who maintains a neutral stance towards the parties, and has no decision-making authority on the content.

Steps in the Mediation

All participants are guided through the following steps:

  1. Name the Topic

  2. Objective Analysis (Actual State)

  3. Subjective Evaluation (Dreamer, Realist & Critic)

  4. Define Goal(s) (Target State)

  5. Find Paths to Goal(s) (Alternatives)

  6. Plan Path to Goal (Choose Alternative)

  7. Goal achieved (Review, Objective & Subjective)

  8. Beyond Goals (Vision)


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