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LinkedIn Optimisation Process

Feeling confused or underwhelmed with the results that you are getting from LinkedIn? More work does not necessarily mean more success. 

We need to start building LinkedIn connections for business development, doing employer branding and personal branding very purposefully. 

This framework helps me generate 3-5 high-quality leads per day via LinkedIn, which contributes to 30% of all my consulting work revenues. It took me two years to develop it and today I am happy to share it with all of you who can invest up to 2 hours per week in growing and nurturing your network. The process consists of five stages: 

  • Strategise

  • Stand out 

  • Deliver value 

  • Outreach and 

  • Measure 

This is definitely not a spammy autopilot that would mess with your personal brand. It is instead a proven relationship and added value-driven approach that will make you a business development master. 

This systematic approach will benefit: 

  • Companies who would like o develop ABM (account-based marketing) or step up their business development game 

  • Entrepreneurs and startups who are searching for new business opportunities and building personal brands on LinkedIn 

  • Leaders who would like to establish professional authority and be better spokespeople for their companies on LinkedIn 

  • HR professionals who are investing in employer branding and culture. 

There is a blank template and an example that will guide you through the process. 

Take the best out of it and step up your LinkedIn game starting here.


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Maja Voje
Founder@Growth Lab
Maja Voje is a digital transformation expert, instructor in world's best-selling growth hacking course, and Google alum. She has worked with 200+ teams and helped raised millions in growth capital.

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