Kudos Cards & Kudos Wall


Kudos Cards are simple cards that play the role of a physical token of appreciation inspired by Management 3.0 Practice by place it into Kudos Wall, a public board which has purpose building psychological safety space for giving appreciation in public without feeling to be judged and just want to say thanks to everyone.

The idea is to create a culture of appreciation and recognition, where everyone's efforts and contributions are acknowledged and celebrated. This can be especially important in team environments, where people often work hard but don't always receive recognition for their efforts.

How to use Kudos Wall and Kudos Card?

Kudos Card is a thank-you note that you can give to someone to show your appreciation for something they did. It has a fun or motivational message printed on it. Meanwhile, Kudos Wall is a public space where you can write or post Kudos messages of appreciation for others to see. It's a way to create a culture of appreciation where everyone feels valued.

This is the virtual version of Kudos which can be use effectively by applying these:

  1. Encourage everyone to participate: It's important to create a culture of appreciation where everyone feels comfortable giving and receiving Kudos Cards and posting messages on the Kudos Wall.

  2. Make it specific: When giving Kudos Cards or posting on the Kudos Wall, be specific about what the person did that you appreciate. This will make the message more meaningful and impactful.

  3. Be timely: Try to give Kudos Cards or post on the Kudos Wall as soon as possible after the positive behavior or contribution occurred. This will help reinforce the behavior and show that you value their efforts.

  4. Use it regularly: Use Kudos Cards and Kudos Wall regularly to make it a part of your team's culture. This will help create a positive and motivating environment, where everyone feels appreciated and valued.

By using Kudos Wall and Kudos Cards, you can create a culture of appreciation and recognition, which can have a positive impact on team morale and motivation at class, workplace or community.


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