Integrated Strategy Map


This template is a visual representation of an Integrated Strategy Map that brings together the standard representation of connected Strategic Objectives with the measures, targets, and initiatives to achieve them, as well as the vision, mission, purpose, and strategic themes. This template will enable startup founders, as well as company and strategy executives and professionals, to develop their strategy in a visual way and communicate it to others simply yet powerfully.

Connecting strategic objectives across the four areas of the map and then developing how their progress will be measured and achieved is the base for the design and implementation of the strategy of any organization.


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Ignacio Sbampato
I have worked for more than 20 years in regional and global leadership positions in cybersecurity companies, focusing in developing and implementing business and commercial strategies for sales, marketing and customer care initiatives. As Partner of BridgerWise, and as a certified Strategy Implementation Specialist Professional, I work with cybersecurity startups and scaleups to help them accelerate their growth through successful strategies.
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