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This Huddle Board template benefits managers looking for a single source of truth for their teams. A team Huddle Board allows you to create alignment on priorities and workstreams, visualize progress of work at all levels of detail, and have a central place to house all relevant content.


Some of the biggest benefits of Huddle Boards are below:

  • You can see the big picture, like strategy, traction or the month ahead, as well as zoom or click into the small details of work.

  • It allows for asynchronous collaboration and reduces the need for status update meetings.

  • If someone isn't on your team, it's a quick way to get oriented with what's happening... especially helpful if you're distributed across timezones!

  • Most of all, it’s a fun way to stay connected with your team in a shared, visual space. This Huddle Board template is structured with three sections for people, plans, and process.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!


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Suzanne Holloway
Head of Enterprise Marketing@Miro
Suzanne Holloway is the Head of Enterprise Marketing at Miro. In this role, she leads a distributed team of marketers and relies heavily on Miro to create alignment, engagement, focus, and fun at work
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