Getting to Know Miro


Inspirations behind the design

  • Highlight Miro’s infinite canvas and how it supports non-linear thinking/creation.

  • Use Miro-specific terms as much as possible with the hopes of increased efficiencies gained by a common language - and if they go looking for help, they’ll have a better chance at finding the answer more quickly.

  • Use of Miro icons and colors make the experience seem as familiar and Miro-ee as possible, just like they were doing it on their own in a board for the first time.

  • Having some quick video demo embedded right in the board using GIFs

  • Including links to relevant help articles to encourage participants—at least the keeners—to read more about the topic/feature.


  • Facilitator → Ideally you’d send each participant their own copy of the board otherwise it won’t look as intended for the next person.

  • Participant → The instructions are in the board.


Robert Johnson image
Robert Johnson
Senior Solutions Analyst@ Co-operators
Rob is a client- and user-experience driven and innovative thinker with a strong lean-agile mindset. His discovery of Miro in early 2018 led to his experimentation with visual thinking as a way to help both IT and business partners visualize complex and often confusing information.
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