Fishbone Diagram for Marketing


About the template

Fishbone Diagram is a very convenient visual tool that allows you to understand possible root causes of any current problem in your company and work out actions aimed at eliminating the most key of these causes. Thanks to this tool, problem analysis becomes more systematic and takes less time. Also, unlike the 5 Whys method, all identified problems are clearly classified according to pre-defined categories of analysis, which eliminates the risk of their mutual intersections and a large number of tautologies.

Why to use our template

Our template is adapted to solve the current marketing and communication problems that you and your company face. That is, problems arising from the behavior of your brand's target audience and their perception of your products/services or the entire brand as a whole.

How to use this template

  1. Collaborate with the team to develop the most accurate problem statement of the issue at hand. This statement will serve as a starting point for all further work and will largely determine its dynamics and effectiveness.

  2. Within the categories identified as part of the framework, brainstorm the root causes (facts) that lead to the specified problem at the head of the fish. Outline possible solutions for them. If necessary, you can adjust the categories/make them more relevant to you and your company.

  3. Choose the most promising solutions (actions), i.e. solutions that, in your opinion, have the greatest impact on solving the main problem indicated at the "head" of the fish. Describe which cause each solution addresses, who will be responsible for it, and what is the deadline for implementing it in real life. In other words, develop a possible action plan for the near future that allows you to improve the current situation with the brand and its perception.


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