Fast Launch Online - Business Blueprint


If your 9-5 sucks and you want to launch your dream thing online? - online course, digital product, group coaching, systems, content templates...

... and a little stuck where to start.

Well, my friend. Start with Clarity i.e. a plan! (better yet - a visual mindmap of EVERYTHING you need to launch super fast)

I also added TALKTRACK vid tutorials for you!

This is the simple and fast 3 step Blueprint to launch your online business for Solopreneurs and One Person Businesses in the making...

1) Create your 3 interests to craft your simple 'brand' of YOU, and research the burning problems people have in your 'interests'

2) Plan Your Content i.e. Social Media such as YouTube videos

3) Your Biz Plan - 3 Simple Things you need to launch - AND you don't need a website yet, you don't even need a product YET! (Checkout the hacks in here to launch FAST :) )

You can create the biz plan in 2-4 hours, and then start building! I launched in 2 weeks!

See you at Dave Hurst Momentum11 on YouTube and


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