Organization & Process Mapping


This is a template offered and used with the Escala Course, though can also be used by businesses, teams, and individuals looking to document their organization and processes.

This template provides users with templates for:

  • Process mapping - high level

  • Process mapping - detailed

  • Identifying opportunity areas for improvement

  • Organization charting

  • Accountability charting

This will help businesses who are looking for a simple, intuitive template to document their activities and ways of working as well as visualize their organization structure.

This template will most benefit business owners, process specialists and continuous improvement practitioners who want to document and/or improve current business processes and ways of working. This will also benefit those who want to define or refine and visualize organization structures, and team accountabilities and responsibilities.

We recommend that when using this template, maintain the current sizes of the shapes, texts, and frames. The Process stencil is also available for easy duplication of shapes for use in process mapping.


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Stacey Fortuna
Continuous Improvement Manager@Escala
I am a Management Consultant by profession and continuous improvement enthusiast. In Escala, we help businesses scale by systemizing their business's people, process, and technology components. We will be offering very soon the Escala Course, which we'll mostly do in Miro. If you're interested, head on to our website!

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