Digital Fluency Launchboard


Many conversations about 'digital' jump straight into action and next steps. To be successful at creating digital value or even just existing in a modern marketplace, we need to raise our organizations' overall digital fluency. Since 'digital' can mean everything from new collaboration tools to creating apps, we've identified an inclusive set of components that make up much of what 'digital' means for organizations: thinking, skills, tools, data and business model. All of these areas need to be in place to actually deliver and operate in a new normal.

Who is this for?

Anyone in an organization or team looking to increase their readiness to create new digital value (products, services, partnerships, etc).

How should I use it?

This is intended to prompt discussion which can then be used to identify key resources, design opportunities, discussions and decisions needed to launch 'digital' forward in a meaningful way.

Do I have to go through this in a particular sequence?

No, you can start wherever you'd like. Key discussions, examples and further reading are interspersed throughout the board. If you're looking for somewhere to start, begin with the 'thinking' section—it underpins everything else.


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Causeit, Inc.
Digital Fluency Facilitators & Cyborg Anthropologists
Causeit helps leaders and teams shift from reaction to innovation—bringing new digital opportunities into the heart of your strategic vision.

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