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The „Design Sparring Template“ helps (interaction) design teams to structure and conduct sparring sessions efficiently by describing possible sparring constellations, tasks to be completed before and during sparring, and different responsibilities within the sparring constellation.

In addition, a number of methods are presented to help the sparring team find solutions when they get stuck during the design process.

The template is designed for design team leaders as well as junior and mid-level designers looking to improve their feedback and sparring sessions.

How to use the template

The template distinguishes on the horizontal axis between the roles of "Project Owner" and "Sparring Partner". 

The vertical axis lists the respective responsibilities of the two roles for the following scenarios:

1. different sparring constellations 

2. Tasks to be completed prior to the sparring sessions

3. Tasks to be completed during the sparring session

A separate "Support System" column lists methods that the sparring team can use to find solutions for tricky design tasks.

The color code used for the responsibilities of the sparring roles is described in the legend at the bottom of the template.


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