Data Thinking Canvas


What it is

The Data Thinking Journey combines design thinking (divergent and convergent cycles) and data science (steps of problem framing, collecting data, analysing data, communicating the data, and turning insights into action) in order to guide the participants in the process of using data to solve a challenge or explore an opportunity. Through the collective debate, some prompts are presented to encourage the discussion.

Who is this for

Individuals or teams that have an organisational challenge or opportunity that can be solved or explored with data. The optimal number of people for the sessions is 4–8, including a facilitator.

The journey through the Data Thinking Canvas is sequential, moving from step 1 to 5 (1. Identifying the challenge or opportunity; 2. Listing data sources; 3. Proposing hypotheses; 4. Creating a communication plan; 5. Creating an action plan). Each step is critical and builds upon the previous one.

As you navigate the journey, you'll encounter various recommendations from the Open Data Institute, each shedding light on crucial aspects of data, such as data ethics, data ecosystems, data skills, and open data. Get in touch if you want a free workshop with your team on how to use it.


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Larriza Thurler
Researcher and Consultant@CRIE/UFRJ; ODI
Researcher, Consultant, Professor, and Mother. ODI Fellow. Areas: Knowledge Management, Data Science, Network Science, Open Data.
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