Customer Journey Map



This template helps you to visualize your customer journey, either the whole one or a particular part of it. In addition, you will get an understanding of the most critical stages that a customer should reach and think about projects to improve customer retension & conversion rates.


It might be beneficial for product marketers or product managers, or anyone else who is working on creating better customer experiences with a company or product.


This template will help you to identify key areas of opportunity for product and marketing initiatives, resulting in improved ROI.


Follow the steps below to use this template.

1. Define the stages of your customer journey.

2. Define steps that every stage includes.

3. Define all possible touchpoints that might occur while making defined steps.

4. Identify feeling that a customer might experience.

5. Analyze what you've got and put down insights of what might be improved.

6. Think of metrics that should be taken into consideration while improving the process.

I hope you enjoy this template. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via LinkedIn.


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