Creative Brief - for ideation


What is it

The Creative Brief template is a one-page guide that inspires and focuses teams when ideating. 

The creative brief was developed by Nathan Baird who wrote the fabulous Innovators Playbook.


  • One page template

  • Real-life example

  • Easy as instructions

Why use it

1) Quickly get up to speed on understanding the context

2) Focus on who you are solving for, their needs and underlying insight

3) Spark creative ideas with ‘How might we questions’.

4) Makes for a much smoother ideation session

When to Use it

Creative briefs only work if you've done your customer discovery and nailed down those insights.

Pro Tip: Keep it to one insight per brief.

Also share the brief ahead of the ideation workshop to give the team time to percolate on their brilliant ideas.

Who Should Use it

Curious folk who are seeking to make a difference in their customers and/or employees lives.


I run an award winning strategic design collective where we help organisations solve complex problems. Our approach is to build your team's confidence and capability to tackle the tough stuff, and make positive change happen.
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