CoReflect Toolkit


The CoReflect toolkit offers a collection of easy-to-use cards to evaluate co-creative and collaborative sessions, together with participants. The cards address different topics such as participants' experience of the group dynamics, participation, and time management. By using the toolkit, or a selection of the cards, you can improve future co-creative work.

Who can use the toolkit?

The toolkit can be used by anyone facilitating co-creative sessions, such as process leaders and designers. The cards are flexibly designed to be used as group or individual exercise.

How does the toolkit work?

The aim is collaborative reflection where the facilitator and the participants gain feedback and insight to participants' perspectives and experiences, in a quick and easy way. 

Before the session: 

Prepare for evaluation

1. Begin by identifying what you would like to get feedback on

2. Choose the relevant cards from the toolkit

3. Consider if the cards are to be used individually or as a group exercise

4. Prepare the cards for digital or physical use

During the session: 

Use the cards

1. Introduce the participants to the cards to be used

2. Give participants time to use the cards and give feedback

3. Let participants share their input in plenary or collect the cards and evaluate afterwards


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Cluster for Co-Creative Service Design
Explore, document and evaluate.
CCSDI is a collaborative project consisting of 16 partners representing various stakeholders from the research industry, the healthcare sector, the university sector, patient organizations, design companies and healthcare entrepreneurs. We are designers, scientists, healthcare professionals, university lecturers, students, technologists, company owners and healthcare leaders that believe in Co-Creative Service Design as an approach to successful service innovation in healthcare.
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