Concept Mapping


Concept mapping is a great tool to use to get a bird’s eye view of a problem or project that you’re working on. This exercise works to unpack and map your ideas with the goal of being able to explore them in more depth and with nuance.

How to build a concept map

  1. Step 1: Choose a central idea. Decide on a single concept, such as a question or a portion of your problem. The rest of your map will lead back to this idea.

  2. Step 2: Note related ideas. List key concepts that relate to this idea. Keep each concept name brief, usually 1-3 words.

  3. Step 3: Organize & link. Order your ideas from the top down, starting with your central idea. Link each idea or group of ideas with arrows, and verbs such as “provides” or “includes”

Always be thinking about where these ideas intersect with other aspects on your map. Consider your connections and relationships to different topics during this exercise. Labeling your lines and links can also help build a more organized concept map. Have fun mapping your ideas out!

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