Business Agility Inception®



Lasting 40 hours, Business Agility InceptionⓇ is the DEFINITIVE DIAGNOSTIC METHODOLOGY to outline an organizational change action plan (MVPA) prepared by the working group in 05 steps.

In it, it is possible to identify pain points, objectives, constraints and BUILD A ROADMAP that will bring visibility to short, medium and long-term actions.

Unlike anything you've ever tested in your company!

FOR companies and organizations

WHO aim to reinvent themselves in a world of constant transformation and change, improving their results and promoting agile or digital transformation

THE Business Agility Inception®

IT IS a systemic organizational mapping method carried out within 5 days

THAT, through a collaborative approach, will map the main pains and constraints, which affect the company's results and strategy, identifying opportunities to eliminate rework and waste

UNLIKE traditional Assessment processes, which only promote the assessment of the current state and the future state through interviews and reports

BUSINESS AGILITY INCEPTION® will build, through Design Thinking techniques carried out by four hands (Hiflex team together with the company's team), a clear path so that organizations can execute their strategies, projects and initiatives, balancing results, risks, innovation and restrictions.

The five steps

  1. Initial alignments and pain mapping

  2. Mapping objectives and constraints

  3. Identification of actions and prioritization by effort and complexity

  4. Action roadmap and definition of next steps

  5. Final review and presentation

Suitable for companies

  • with a lack of systemic vision

  • forced to revisit their processes

  • want to run projects faster

  • who need to change their leadership mindset

  • with a lack of a demand prioritization process

  • want to eliminate rework and operational effort

  • want to adopt Agility in some department, area or entire company

  • who want to balance incoming demand flow and delivery capacity

  • who need to solve Inefficiency problems due to lack/excesses of adaptation

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Rodrigo Silva Souza
Agile Coach@Hiflex Group
Agile Coach and Mentor • 20+ years of experience with projects and products • 6+ years learning and teaching agility • Loves family, pets, dancing, playing the guitar and fitness • São Paulo - Brazil
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