Building Presentations in Miro

Building Presentations in Miro

This interactive board helps you practice building and saving presentations in Miro.

This skills practice covers two main areas:

Area 1: Building and customizing presentations

Area 2: Adding, editing and saving templates

This board was designed as a resource for the Client collaboration badge learning experience in Miro Academy. The Client collaboration course highlights skills and techniques for providing a top-notch client experience in Miro. Learn how to create dynamic presentations and collaborative engagements to help you stand out from your competition. Then, showcase your expertise by taking a quiz and earning the verified badge.

Practice your presentation skills on its own, or for the full experience, be sure to take the course alongside practicing on this board.


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Madison Tucker
Learning experience designer@Miro
Madison is an LXD at Miro. Keeping users at the forefront of her designs, she is passionate about designing content that is interactive and impactful.

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