Beach Retrospective



A fun twist of a traditional retrospective template with a fun beach theme.


This template is perfect for any agile team, especially those looking to reinvigorate their retro with a new template.


This is to be used to facilitate a team's retrospective each sprint.


  • Create a new board with the template.

  • As the facilitator, familiarize yourself with the example board. You can leave this as an example for the team or remove it ahead of time (you may need to unlock it first to remove it).

  • During the retrospective, allow the team to choose one of the areas to start with - either the airplane, the lifeguard, the stranded people, or the sand castle. Allow the team to add sticky notes to add feedback within a set amount of time.

  • Once the time is up, talk about the feedback and move to another prompt on the board until you have completed all sections.


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Tyler Latshaw
Technical Business Analyst@WebstaurantStore
I am an Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) with experience leading teams ranging from a few members to over two dozen at a major e-commerce website. My experience includes working with development teams as a ScrumMaster, business analyst, and a product owner. I hold a bachelor's degree in information systems and a master's degree in IT management. Awards: Miro Creator of the Year Hall of Fame Nominee for 2023; Most Copied Creator for June 2023; Templates Challenge Winner for September 2023
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