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Adjusting to remote work is having an impact on everyone's life in different ways.

While we hope teammates demonstrate empathy and understanding to those on their team, sometimes it can be easy to forget.

This workshop is a stop gap in helping us put our experiences with remote work on the same page so we can support one another and work better together moving forward. We’ve identified three work life impact areas to reflect on. Being aware of these impact areas together gives us a holistic view into your current experience of work, and the anticipated needs you have from your workplace.

Beyond running this workshop with your team, you can take a deeper dive into Atlassian’s Work Life Impact Playbook to understand other ways to nurture empathy in your team’s work life. 

How to run the Work Life Impact workshop

Step 1: Set the stage

Facilitator, this is where you come in. Clarify the need for this workshop and what you hope the desired outcomes should be. Review the rules and allow time for questions. Don't rush this part – it's important that the entire team starts on the same page.

Step 2: Plot (5-10 minutes)

Get everyone to review the three work life impact areas and plot themselves in the area that best reflects their experience.

Step 3: Reflect and discuss (10-20 minutes)

Encourage everyone to take a step back and review each other's profiles. Have them reflect on what they're observing, learning, or find surprising. Guide them through a few discussion questions but don't probe or force people to contribute.

Step 4: Actions & opportunities (5 minutes)

Use the guiding questions to align on action items. Wrap up by setting a time for a follow up workshop.


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