AI Canvas


AI Canvas offers a comprehensive, 90 to 120-minute workshop template that helps teams to understand the final vision of AI or ML products, to resolve conflict, and align the members. I recommend conducting it in 2 sessions: at the first we define the main vision, at the second we clarify the questions that remain after the first session.

When to use AI Canvas?

I use canvas as a facilitation tool to align customer and development team understanding of the product. It often happens that stakeholders want some kind of ML solution, but it is difficult for them to describe it in a language that is understandable for development.

The AI Canvas helps:

  • Understand ML products at an early stage of their creation

  • Align product understanding

  • Assess data availability

  • Generate customers and users

  • Determine the competencies needed for product development

  • Understand the development cost and financial impact

Some tips: 

  • If the canvas "does not fit" due to lack of information, we schedule the next meeting, in the meantime, we work through the missing information

  • If the model does not converge (you cannot make money, then the project can be stopped there.

  • If the canvas "converges" (the project seems reasonable) - go to the next phase

How does AI Canvas work?

Customers: Who are the end customers?

Stakeholders: Who are the key stakeholders?

Value Proposition: What is the value added by your project?

Output: Which key metric are you optimizing for?

Data: Which data do you need?

Integration: How will the project be integrated?

Skills: Which skills do you need for development?

Cost: What costs will the project incur?

Revenue: How will the project generate revenue?


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Artem Prudenko
Agile Transformation Lead in Big Data@Magnit
I have been implementing Agile and Business Agility for 6 years. I have helped startups, large banks, retail companies understand the product approach and benefit from business agility. I helped to launch 30+ product teams like Agile Coach. I building hands-on knowledge of group development for Delivery Agility. I mentor enterprises companies and give workshops on Product Innovation & Organisational adaptability.

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