2D Customer Journey Map Workshop


What is it

A step-by-step guide to creating 2D Customer journey maps in a workshop format. 


  • Workshop run sheet

  • 100% editable templates

  • Interactive exercises (Personas, Journey Map, Prioritisation)

  • Real life journey map example

  • Reusable User Story Board 

Why use it

There are many journey mapping templates available on Miro so what makes this one different:

  1. Speed - Use the power of Miro’s interactive user story maps to create reusable journey maps quickly.  No post-it-notes needed.

  2. Flexibility – Move, drag and snap in place each element of the journey map. Need to shuffle the sequence, no problem simply grab whole columns at a time. 

  3. Advanced features – The format enables the ability to quickly move onto prioritisation of opportunities, along with tagging of pains/gains back to specific personas.   


When to Use it

When you are asked:

  • “What are the stuff ups we need to fix for our customers and which ones should we prioritise?” 

  • “How might we introduce our team to journey mapping for the first time?” 

  • “How can we create journey maps faster?”. 


Who Should Use it

We have designed this for both new to journey map users and experienced designers. Jump ahead or slow down at your own pace


I run an award winning strategic design collective where we help organisations solve complex problems. Our approach is to build your team's confidence and capability to tackle the tough stuff, and make positive change happen.
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