Workshop Design Canvas


The Workshop Design Canvas is a template that helps individuals or teams design workshops in a systematic way, based off gathering the right information. The template can be used solo or as a collaborative activity for workshop co-planners!

When to use the Workshop Design Canvas

Planning successful workshops is tough. Most workshop planners erroneously jump straight to thinking about fun, interactive activities to fill the agenda. The Workshop Design Canvas helps workshop planners structure the workshop agenda around information that needs to be gathered in the workshop and helps surface workshop goals.

How does the Team Canvas Work?

The Workshop Design Canvas uses 3 swimlanes to help design the workshop:

  • Questions: What information needs to be gathered during the workshop?

  • Goals: What are the high-level goals of the workshop?

  • Process: What activities need to take place to reach the goals and answer necessary questions?

    Instructions are included in the template, but you can also get more in-depth guidance from the short overview video.


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Kate Kaplan
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Hello! I'm a UX researcher and consultant specializing in workshop facilitation, DesignOps, and UX strategy. I believe shared collaboration spaces like Miro are an integral part of collecting and enabling diverse perspectives and making work smarter!