Whose Fridge Is It?


Welcome Foodies!

Whose Fridge Is It? is a quick and easy 20-30 icebreaker/game in which players try to guess the owner of a refrigerator (or pantry!) from a board of pictures submitted in advance by participants.

Players can use context clues within the pictures to make their guesses. Be forewarned that bonding may occur among players over favorite hot sauces and other condiments!

Note: Board requires 5-10 minutes setup by facilitator before players have access. Easy instructions provided on the board.

How It Works:

1. Players submit a picture of their fridge or pantry directly to the facilitator (hidden from other players)

2. Facilitator adds the pictures and (hidden) owner names to the board

3. Players have a smashing fun time trying to guess which fridge belongs to which player!


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Shaun Sheehan
Leading/Coaching Agile and Scrum
I believe in the power of people working together to achieve great outcomes. Teams are unstoppable when members feel valued, are engaged, and are empowered to dream big!
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