Virtual Halloween Team Builder


This board has tricks and treats, but will ultimately bond your team over a fun holiday.

How it Works

This board unlocks creativity and problem solving by providing the following prompts for each team member to consider:

  1. Nightmares: What is haunting your team? Make sure to address each point in this area, taking their concerns seriously and finding a path to resolution.

  2. Favorite projects: Understand what people are enjoying so you can try and replicate those things in other areas or simply prioritize that time.

  3. Creative ideas: Open up the stage to suggestions - just make sure you take the time to follow up on them.

  4. Shoutouts/gratitude: 93% of employees “who reported feeling valued said that they are motivated to do their best at work and 88 percent reported feeling engaged.” Take the time to express gratitude!

  5. Costume fun: Can't have Halloween without costumes. This is a fun way for your team to virtually share past costumes or utilize the Miro tools to create a digital costume.

When to use this board

It is recommended to send this out before Halloween, ideally the week prior to give people time to fill it in when they have a moment. Schedule a short meeting to discuss the results, particularly unresolved issues and ideas that the team wants to take next steps on.

Because this board requests people to name problems at work, make sure you have a good culture of trust where they feel comfortable speaking freely and you won't discover something completely unexpected. If you are unsure, have a direct conversation with your team before opening this up to a large group. If it's not appropriate, change the question to something that fits your team's needs more.


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