User Interaction DEI Toolkit - Workshop


What is this?

This is a toolkit to help plan and assess your product's user interactions from a DEI lens. It can be used to evaluate platforms where users interact with other users. By using this, it will help you understand how users can interact on your platform, and how those interactions can facilitate either diversity and inclusion or harassment, discrimination, and bias.

What is included in this toolkit?

20 prompts organized into 7 themes:

  • Shared information

  • Developing trust

  • Highlighting the whole human

  • Structuring user interactions

  • Supporting users

  • Measuring

  • Company Policy

How to run this workshop

This toolkit can be used to generate ideas for new platforms, iterate on current designs, and evaluate current products. Prompts can be considered individually or in a group workshop setting. We recommend following these four steps:

  1. Define Context & Goals

  2. Conduct DEI Analysis

  3. Identify What's Missing

  4. Make an Action Plan

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Megan Peaslee
UX Researcher
Teamwork during Masters Degree in Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington
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