Trend Radar


These templates are ideal for building simple trend radars.

What is a trend radar?

A trend radar is a handy tool for visualizing trends relevant to your business. The trend radar can provide guidance on what to do about each trend. Compiling a trend radar can evoke significant discussions about the future of your business.

How to use these templates

These templates include 6 different trend radar layouts. Pick the layout with the right number of sectors and time horizons. Next, name the sectors and time horizons accordingly. Last, plot your trends on your trend radar.


FIBRES image
The collaborative foresight tool@FIBRES
FIBRES is the tool for building your own futures intelligence. It's used and loved by consultants and in-house innovators who seek to better understand the future of their business. FIBRES is designed to help you with signal collection, trend analysis, and trend mapping, including building trend radars. Looking for a trend radar builder? Check out our foresight tool for building digital trend and technology radars that can be shared online and interacted with.
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