The Checklist Board


The Checklist Board

This Miro Checklist Template includes two sections: a Business Checklist and a Shopping Checklist. It is designed to help you organize your tasks, whether for work or personal purposes, and can be easily used on both digital devices and in printed form.

When to Use:

  • Business Checklist: Use this checklist for professional tasks and projects. Ideal for project management, team collaboration, and work-related planning.

  • Shopping Checklist: Use this checklist for personal shopping and errands. Perfect for keeping track of items you need to purchase and chores you need to complete.

  • Online or print out: Both versions are available: you need something on the Miro Board or a printed version.

How to Use:

  • Start by brainstorming your ideas or tasks using sticky notes on the board. You can create a separate section on your Miro board for brainstorming.

  • Once you have gathered your ideas and tasks, move them to the appropriate checklist section (Business or Shopping) as needed.

  • Check off items as you complete them. You can use your digital device or print out the checklist and mark items manually.

  • When you need the list printed out, just export it as PDF or JPG and you are done.

That`s all folks. Have fun.


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Andreas Lindenberg
I specialize in helping individuals and teams in introducing a new way of working with a practical approach. This involves changing the way they think and collaborate in their professional practice – putting Digital Transformation into action. Miro is my daily go-to; I've seen it, loved it, and am now hooked. Whether working solo or collaboratively, it's the centerpiece of my 'digital life,' bridging gaps that other tools can't.
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