The Check-In Icebreaker


"Check-ins are key to creating a healthy culture".

This template is all about having fun at the beginning of a meeting or workshop. Having fun is important to us, so we created “The Check-In Icebreaker”. Giving our team a chance to express how we feel at the beginning of a meeting can give everyone a chance to warm up and be more engaged later in the meeting.

Use this ice breaker template to start or break up a potentially long meeting to keep things interesting for your team.

Use this icebreaker as a check-in at your next team meeting, workshop, or event. There are two steps.

  1. Choose a character. There are 18 meme expressions to choose from.

  2. Answer a question. The fun part is that you have to keep the same pose as the meme you chose as you answer that question.

  3. Repeat until you have gone through your team at least one time.


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