Team Alignment Circle



You will need 30 minutes for this exercise - 5 minutes for each section. Apply "together alone" rule and add voting or choose one facilitator and discuss it using circular meetings technique.

Before starting write down your names and roles in the Team members&roles section.

For each section put a timer for 5 minutes and simply try to answer the questions from the section.

Rules & expected behaviour:

  • What behaviour do you expect from your team in order to achieve the team goal?

  • Which rules do you have to follow in order to achieve the common goal

Responsibilities & commitments:

  • What activities does your team have to do in order to achieve the goal?

  • What responsibilities do you have as a team?

  • What can you commit to?

Performance & quality:

  • How do you define quality?

  • What kind of performance is needed in order to achieve this goal

Strengths & resources:

  • What kind of strengths, skills or resources do we have?

  • What helps us in achieving our goal?


  • What skills, resources do we lack?

  • What worries us, where do we see possible problems?


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